Hair Loss and its Treatment

Hair loss and its treatment will be helpful to those who losses their hair and it is better to start as early as, when you find early signs of shedding hair set in. As we say hair loss prevention's better than cure, the people should always take some precaution steps, which would stop hair loss.

Hair Loss and its Treatment:

Hair loss should be treatment will be helpful to those who losses their hair and it is better to start as early, when you find early signs of shedding hair set in. As we say hair loss prevention's better than cure, the people should always take some precaution steps, which would stop hair loss. The Hair loss is a common problem faced by both men and women. The old aged and middle-aged persons no doubt face it more. Pollution is one of the major reasons for this problem. The harmful sun rays makes hair rough, brittle, fragile, breakable and thus leading to acute hair loss. The cycle of hair growth is completed every two or three years. In fact, it is said that some more than eighty percent of hair on ones scalp grows at the same time. The remaining section enjoys a resting stage. Then new strands of hair start growing. Though it is fine to shed some hair, there are some people who experience too much hair fall. This can affect women, men and children. Between the age of twenty-one to twenty five, people lose more than a million strands of hair. To control this hair loss, there are certain steps and methods, which are to be followed. Here we are discussing the major reasons of hair fall and it's prevention.

Major Causes of Hair Fall:

Before going to the different ways as to how hair loss can be prevented, everyone should have an idea behind this phenomenon. Doctors and beauticians have given different reasons as to how unnecessary hair fall takes place. Some of them are mentioned below.

Surgery and Illness may be a Cause of Hair Loss: Doctors have put forward a reason, which leads to hair fall. They have said that after a few months of surgery, people can experience hair fall. Critical illness can result into acute hair fall. Shedding of hair is also related to stress which the modern lifestyle has given birth. Though it is temporary, doctors tell that people should never ignore it. It might be a big loss in the future. Many women notice hair fall after having a baby.

Hormonal Imbalance: Hair loss can also be experienced if there is a problem related with the male and the female hormones. When these, gets out of balance then men and women both might experience hair loss. Again, if the thyroid gland is under active or over active, people might see their hair falling out. Diseases like Diabetes, lupus speed up hair loss.

Pills: There are different medicines in the market, which can also cause hair loss. Some pills like the anti depressants, birth control pills, Vitamin A thin down the blood. This makes the hair weak, which ultimately leads to shedding of hair.

Infections: There are some infections like fungal infections, infections on the scalp which initiate the hair loss in children, men and women.

Dandruff: This is known as the most dangerous and common thing, which leads to hair loss. When the scalp is dry, it sticks onto the hair in form of flakes. These flakes do not allow the air to flow inside the hair cells. This weakens the hair. It is very essential to cure this disease because once it reaches a stage when it cannot be treated it will lead to baldness.

Indisciplined Lifestyle: Not eating the correct food, tension, stress, oily food, late nights, use of too much chemicals, straightening the hair, smoking, alcohol and many more lead to hair loss. Hence it is very much important for someone to maintain a healthy diet and also a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment for Hair Fall:

Hair loss should be treated when early signs of shedding hair set in. As we say prevention's better than cure, the people should always take steps, which would stop hair loss. It is suggested that the sufferers should first determine the cause and then start treatment immediately. The treatments depend on the kind of hair loss one is facing. If the reason for hair loss is medicine, then doctors are the best one who would be able to suggest the next step. If there is a problem with the lifestyle then the person leading it will have to take the initiative to improve it. Some of the easy ways of treating hair loss are described below:

Hair Massage: it is only because the hair strands being weak that hair fall takes place. Massaging the hair with herbs, like Amla, Trijla, Shikakai and Reetha helps to strengthen and nourish the hairs. It is essential to massage hair with toning lotions.

A handy method, which can be used at home, is mixing a tablespoon of malt vinegar to water. Mix two tablespoon of salt with it and this solution is to be applied on the scalp and massaged for few minutes at least twice in a week.

If a teaspoon of lavender oil is mixed with coconut oil or castor oil and heated, then it is said that the solution helps to replenish the moisture and oil in the hair, which helps to restore hair. This can be done twice a week and has to be kept overnight.

Green tea is an amazing anti oxidant. It also helps to reduce hair fall. Green tea when mixed with sage, nettle tea and rosemary is very helpful for the hair. It can be drunk or can be massaged. Green tea increases the blood circulation and prop up growth of hair.

Onion juice works wonders for weak hair. The juice can be applied every second day and massaged for about ten minutes. After washing it with cold water the difference can be felt almost immediately.

Hair massage is one of the best ways to nourish hair. It is said that massage helps in the flow of blood, which prevents hair loss. Oil is very much an essential product for hair. It is the food for the hair.

Some other quick means to prevent hair loss are:

When the hair is weak, mild shampoos should be used. Harsh shampoos with lots of chemicals and extra protein and keratin can gave an adverse effect when hair is weak. It should be kept in mind that weak hair will not be able to withstand the harsh chemicals.

Hair should be moisturized as the same way skin is. Use of urea, lactic acid and lecithin nourishes the hair, which gives it a very strong look. One ingredient called Pantheon is very necessary to moisturize the hair follicles.

When ones hair is growing, it should be trimmed on a regular basis to get rid of the split ends. Split ends do not let the hair grow proportionately.

Hair should be washed with cold water, which closes the open pores that leads to hair loss. Hair has lot of dirt because of the natural oils, which attract dust. So hair should be washed and rinsed very well because otherwise hair fall will not be prevented.

A good night's sleep, food rich with greens, minerals, proteins etc are natural ways to stop hair fall. Intake of alcohol, nicotine, and smoking are unhealthy for hair. A balanced diet is the mantra to have a gorgeous mane.

Intake of Zinc and biotin is very important for hair. Food like egg yolks, oatmeal, breads and cauliflower are amazing sources of biotin while salmon, beef and chicken are great source of zinc. Studies have revealed that biotin not only stops hair fall but also helps to regain the breadth of hair.

The market is flooded with products rich in SPF, which means sun protection factor. They help to strengthen the hair roots and thus prevent hair fall.

Apart from these, sometimes people even go to doctors to find a remedy to their hair loss. Use of medicine would definitely help in preventing hair loss and expedite their growth. Both men and women experience hair loss and if it is not attended at an early stage then they might experience baldness as well. When hair is weak, use of harmful chemicals, constant brushing, using thin-toothed combs etc should be avoided. People also have a misconception that keeping oil overnight helps in growth. But since times have changed the doctors now say, that doing this opens the pore, which makes the hair brittle. Using oil an hour or two before a bath and washing it with a mild shampoo and conditioning it works wonders for the hair. Hair should never be combed and that too with thin tooth when it is wet because at that time it is all the more vulnerable. Even if one manages to do half of the tips discussed above than the results will surely show.