Hair Loss Natural Treatment

Continuous researches have brought forward the basic causes behind hair shedding. To minimize our worries, here are some gifts from nature as well as natural remedies from modern science to reduce the problem of hair fall.

A Brief Discussion on Hair Fall with Remedies from Nature

Nowadays, nobody is free from the rising problem of hair fall. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to cope with the situation. It is definitely a serious matter of concern to everybody who is ready to take all the measures to prevent hair fall. Continuous researches have brought forward the basic causes behind hair shedding. To minimize our worries, here are some gifts from nature as well as natural remedies from modern science to reduce the problem of hair fall.

The Normal Cycle of Hair Growth and Loss:

In the 'Normal cycle of hair growth', the growth of hair lasts for two to three years and during this phase each hair grows one centimeter (approximately) in one month. In the normal course, the resting hair falls after three to four months and it is replaced by new growing hair. So in this cycle of hair growth and fall, shedding of few hairs everyday is natural. But it is time to be worried when more than normal hair fall happens and this leads to an extreme hair loss which is very much common problem in both men, women and even in children.

Causes behind Hair Loss: There can be several causes behind a person's hair loss and this varies in men and women in some basic points.

Thinning of Hair is Common in Men:

Before discussing this point we must have a clear idea about common baldness and its difference with other patterns of hair loss.

Hair Fall Resulting Into Baldness:

In general terms BALDNESS means no or thinning of hair in the scalp. The baldness in human beings is generally is specified as androgenic alopecia which can be categorized as 'male pattern of baldness' and the 'female pattern of baldness'. Both of these types vary from each other. Baldness is a syndrome which occurs mainly in adult men and some women and also sometimes in children and it varies in its degree and pattern greatly.

Baldness should not be confused with alopecia Areata i.e. patchy hair loss. There is also alopecia totalis, an extreme form of hair loss, causes a total loss of the hair. The most extreme pattern of hair loss, which includes the total loss of hair both in our scalp and in the entire body, is termed as asalopesia universalis.

Therefore, baldness or thinning of hair is a very common problem especially in men. A particular male hormone named dihytestosterone (DTH) affects the scalp hair follicles, which are genetically susceptible. It is majorly responsible for the whole process of hair shedding. Follicles of the hair mainly presented in the top, crown and front of the scalp are sensitive to the DTH, which cause maximum hair loss in these areas. This usually starts at the age of 20to30. Following a typical pattern of hair loss, at first, a hairline develops with a gradual decrease of hair and starts to move from top to back and finally forms a U shaped bald area, including the side and the back portions of the head. In those areas the remaining hair become thinner and it also cannot grow as fast as it should.

There are other reasons behind hair loss in men like genes, age, stress etc. Though it is said that the heredity of baldness comes from mother's side but it is scientifically proved that father's are equally responsible for the same. As other factors are common in both men and women so we are going to discuss it together below in the form of compare and contrast.

Reasons behind Hair Loss in Women:

Like men; women also cannot escape the curse of hair loss. Let us discuss the reasons behind this.

Age: Like men, women also loose their hair at their time of aging. So both male and female losses 95% of their total hair as they grow old.

Life Style: Women being over cautious about their figure, often skips their meals which results into malnutrition. To maintain a healthy growth of hair one must include protein and iron in his/her diet

Hair Styling: Generally women prefer to experiment with different hairstyles. The increasing use of hair color, gel, spray, shampoo, conditioner and other harmful chemicals ultimately causes loss of hair. Even the uses of blow-drier, rollers and some hot hair massages also damage the hair follicles, which fasten the process of hair loss.

Stress: In the hustles and bustles of our modern life stress is an inevitable part. Hyper tension is one of the most important causes for the shedding of hair.

Smoking: Recent studies say that smoking has adverse effect on the growth of the hair.

Regular consumption of alcohol can hamper the growth of hair.

Children Also Suffer from Hair Loss:

Children are also the victims of hair loss caused by different factors. Few reasons are:

  • Ringworm in the scalp
  • Bacterial infection
  • Hair pulling
  • Childhood cancer etc.

Others Factors:

Some other factors, which cause hair fall, are:

  • Surgery or some severe or prolonged illness.
  • Post pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage.
  • Thyroid diseases.
  • Fungal infection of scalp.
  • Exposure to sun.
  • Pollution.
  • Consumption of certain medicines.
  • Over consumption of vitamin A, anti depressant drugs etc.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss:

Though there are certain medicinal treatments to regain the normal growth of hair but there are also certain other remedies which one can take up to prevent hair loss.

  • A balanced diet including protein, iron is suggested.
  • One should drink 2-3 liters of water daily to keep the system clean.
  • Hair color has adverse effect on hair.
  • One should avoid hair styling, which takes away the natural glow of the hair.
  • Uses of mild shampoos are suggested.
  • Avoid driers

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss:

One can use home made packs to maintain the health of his hair. Most importantly, one has to keep her scalp clean. The other treatments that one can easily try at home are:

  • Natural shampoos made from henna, amla, shikakai
  • Proper hair massage with coconut oil, mustered oil and amla oil increase the blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Regular uses of the mixture of bhringoraj, coral, amla, black sesame seeds and iron will do a natural cure of hair loss.
  • The juice of coriander leaves also helps to prevent hair loss. Rubbing of onion juice in the scalp is very effective.
  • Lemon seeds and black pepper mixture have a miraculous effect on the scalp. Rubbing garlic juice stops hair fall.
  • Henna, aloe vera and other natural conditioners are also effective.
  • Oil massage makes the hair healthy and beautiful.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss:

Nowadays, due to side effects people are moving away from chemical products and taking interest in ayurvedic treatment. It is natural and harm free. There are some ayurvedic treatments, which are gaining popularity day by day.

  • One can wash her hair with saga tree and apple cider vinegar, which strengthen hair.
  • Silica in horsetail makes hair strong and shiny.
  • Licorice extract is very useful to prevent hair fall.
  • Ros Mary, birch, stinging nettle and horsetail stimulates the growth of the hair.
  • Those who have dry hair can try marshmallow and burdock tea to maintain the health of their hair.

Aroma Therapy, a natural hair loss therapy with lavender, bay oil, sesame or almond oil prevents hair fall and helps hair to re-grow. Healthy, shiny, strong hair is desired by every one in this world. We here have tried to give certain solutions to prevent hair fall. All the materials are taken Mother Nature who is always there with her valuables. These natural products will not only save our hair loss but our money too. Healthy hairs always compliment the beauty of a person. So, what are you waiting for? To have a healthy and beautiful lock, start taking care of it. If the problem of hair shedding is not genetic our tips will do wonder on your hair.