Causes of Hair Fall and Its Remedies

The Illness, wrong medication, hyper tension, unbalanced diet and traumatic incidents are majorly responsible for temporary loss of hair. The Proper diagnoses and natural treatments will provides remedies for Hair Loss.

Causes of Hair Fall and Its Remedies

If the volume of hair is the yardstick of measuring beauty then the proper care of hair should be taken into consideration. In recent times people are facing lots of problems related with thinning of hair. The modern lifestyle of people has a direct effect on their body, which can cause many diseases including hair loss. The Illness, wrong medication, hyper tension, unbalanced diet and traumatic incidents are majorly responsible for temporary loss of hair. On the other the genetic association and hormonal imbalances can give rise to permanent hair loss. The Proper diagnoses and natural treatments will provides remedies for Hair Loss.

What are the major Reasons of Hair Loss?

Alopecia Areata: A major cause of Hair Loss

Cause: This is a typical kind of hair loss with smooth and round patches. The reason behind this kind of baldness is still unknown. Children and adults of any age can be affected by Alopecia Areata. In most of the cases it can be observed that the affected persons have sound health.

Treatment: In some cases, the hair re-grows itself. Tropical medications, vitamins, a special kind of light treatment are suggested treatments of it.

Androgenic Alopecia:

Cause: It is the most common type of hair fall and often regarded as "male or female pattern baldness". Shedding of hair starts first in front of the scalp and moves to the back and top of the head.

Low Serum Iron:

Cause: Sometimes iron deficiency may cause hair fall.

Treatment: Irons pills should be taken regularly.

High Fever, Severe Flu, and Severe Infection:

Cause: Illness can highly affect the growth of the hair. Generally, 4 weeks to three months after critical infection or high fever one can face acute hair loss.

Treatment: In such cases hair re-grows itself.

Inadequate Protein in Diet:

Cause: Protein constitutes the very base of the hair. Proper protein intake helps to grow hair even in resting phase. Abnormal food habits, low protein intake can results into protein malnutrition which weakens the root of the hair and acute hair falling can be occurred after few months.

Treatment: Adequate consumption of protein is suggested. One should avoid junk foods in order to maintain the health of the hair.

Medications: For Hair Loss

Cause: Some of the medicines used for certain diseases such as: gout, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems or blood thinners can cause temporary hair fall. High doses of Vitamin A can cause hair shedding too.

Thyroid Diseases:

Cause: Both an under active thyroid and over active thyroid can cause hair shedding.

Treatment: Proper treatment of thyroid diseases can reverse the problem related with hair loss.

Cancer Treatment:

Cause: Some cancer treatments have direct effect on the growth of the hair. It prevents hair cells to be divided, resulting into thin hair and break off. It happens one to three weeks after treatment and unfortunately the patient may loose up to 90 percent of their hair.

Treatment: Hair re-grows after the treatment. One can use wig during the treatment.

Birth Control Pills:

Cause: Women who use oral contraceptive pills may face the problem of hair shedding. In that case she should consult a gynecologist to change the pill. When a woman stops taking such pills she will face acute hair falling after 2-3 months and it continues till 6 months. After the birth of a child one faces the same problem.

Treatment: Hair re-grows after a certain period.

Chronic Illness/ Major Surgery:

Cause: If one goes through major operations he can face acute hair fall after 2 ? 3 months.

Treatment: Within few months hair growth itself.

Fungus Infection of the Scalp:

Cause: As the name suggests it is a fungus infection which leaves small patches of scaling that can spread rapidly and may develop swelling, redness, breakage of hair and even oozing. It is mostly common in children.

Treatment: Oral medication is suggested to get rid of it.

Thus there are number of conditions which cause hair fall. Little effort is needed to reduce the temporary hair fall but permanent hair loss calls for a systematic long term treatment. Now days, hair transplantation is in vogue. One who is suffering from severe hair fall and has no option to correct it, can go for hair transplantation. It will definitely rebuild confidence in you.