Latest Medical Research on Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss is one of the common problems at present time and researchers across the world are continuously engaged in carrying latest research on Hair Loss treatment to come out with an effective cure for hair loss. People suffering from hair loss feels frustrated and desperatey tring to get rid of it and hence a lots of medical research on hair loss treatment are going on.

Managing Hair loss or baldness is a concern that occupied our medical research and investigations ever since the prehistoric times. Latest medical research on hair loss treatment is integrated with new range of biomedical insights into our cell regeneration and cell growth. In the recent times hair follicles or hair cells are increasingly drawing medical focus for some crucial phenomenon pertaining to them other than the so called baldness management. Hair cells unlike other body cells have a peculiar kind of life cycles with different growth phase and resting phase and they are more than before are serving as a cell model for number of biomedical researches on immune system, metabolism, cell regeneration and genetic cloning. So research on hair follicles is now part of the larger area of medical research than so called aspects of baldness and hair loss problems. Naturally the hair loss treatment is also being benefited through this deeper research on hair follicles.

The medical research outputs on hair loss problems and baldness management can be grossly divided into two major areas, respectively as insights into hair loss factors and lifestyle management and medical treatment for stopping hair loss and initiating hair regrowth. While the former is mainly preventive in character the later is for people who long waited for a steady hair regrowth formula. Remember, any solution for hair regrowth cannot be irrespective of your particular scalp and hair condition. There are different types of hair loss problems and in treating each one of the multiple individual health and environmental factors also would play a huge role and so, there just cannot be a homogeneous kind of treatment for all hair loss problems. Here is some of the recent news on latest medical research on hair loss treatment.

A molecule to initiate hair regrowth

Millions of victims of male pattern baldness around the world have long renounced their fight against the genetic hair loss and rather preferred to cope up with the situation though in the depth of their heart always lamenting for the thick mop of hair once they used to have on their head. To your amazement after years of research recently some researchers came to identify a particular molecule that can initiate the hair regrowth. According to the researchers at genetic medicine at New York Presbyterian Well Cornell Medical Center, this new molecule is capable to tell the hair follicles to start growing cycle. The molecule which is a protein called Laminins-511 works effectively under the inner layer of skin to initiate the hair regrowth process naturally. Researchers are now focusing on the critical trial of the protein on human hoping for the next revolution in hair loss treatment and baldness management.

A molecule that inhibits hair regrowth in the follicle

Dermatological research on how hair growth is stopped was always a prime area of concern in regard to finding new medical solution to stop hair loss and initiating hair regrowth. Recently a breakthrough in the latest medical research on hair loss treatment significantly advanced medical knowledge in this regard. A team of researchers at the Perlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania led by Dr. George Cotsarelis recently came out with a breakthrough finding of a molecule that actually inhibits the hair regrowth on our scalp. The research also came out with the exact finding of the receptor in the cell where such inhibition is done. This finding can truly change the face of future hair loss treatment.

Growth initiator and Growth inhibitor- 2 types of stem cells

Latest research on the stem cells found in our hair follicles provided a great array of insights that can revolutionize our hair loss treatment and management of baldness. According to the expert researcher Cheng Ming Chuong of University of Southern California our hair growth and loss is largely determined by the two opposing types of stem cells, one that signals hair growth and the other that inhibits it. The research is no less than a breakthrough finding as managing these two types of stem cells can ultimately result in conclusive hair regrowth formula and long awaited permanent hair loss treatment.

Stem cells in the fatty layer of skin can spur hair regrowth

This is another breakthrough among the array of laboratory findings and latest medical research on hair loss treatment. Medical researchers at cellular and developmental biology at the Yale University late by Valerie Horsley found that a stem cell in the fatty layer of the skin is responsible for triggering the hair regrowth. The research conducted on mice with significant outputs is awaiting critical human trial and is expected to open new door for long waited treatment for hair loss and for hair regrowth.

Baldness and hair loss is linked to Heart disease

For years Hair loss problem and consequent baldness was largely regarded as a rather cosmetic problem, but latest researches and medical findings are saying otherwise. Studies conducted by medical researchers found that bald patches in the crown area of head are indicative of probable heart disorder in majority of men. Researchers working on the huge database of people of last 50 years who have been treated for their coronary heart disorder found that a large majority of them were having baldness at the top of their head or crown. They also indicated that receding hairline on the front head is not related to heart ailment.

Chemical compound that blocks a stress hormone responsible for hair loss

For years we have known the obvious effects of stress in causing excessive hair apart from other health irregularities. Recently almost accidentally a research carried out for finding effects of stress on gastronomical functions came out with a surprise discovery. Researchers of the division of digestive diseases at the David Geffen school of Medicine, UCLA found a chemical compound that can block a well known stress hormone responsible for hair loss. The compound, according to the researchers by blocking the stress hormone induces hair regrowth. The research carried out on mice is waiting for next phase of research and trials and according to medical observers can truly revolutionize hair loss treatment and medical solutions for managing baldness.