Ayurvedic Medication for Hair Growth

Some of the most essential herbs that have a profound effect on bringing a healthy scalp and hair condition include Bhringaraj, Amlaki, Triphala, Brahmi, Henna, Jatamansi and a lot of traditional herbs with great array of medicinal properties for practically every aspect of hair growth and scalp health. Let us see the varied medicinal effects of these herbs in brining hair growth.

Some of the most essential herbs that have a profound effect on bringing a healthy scalp and hair condition include Bhringaraj, Amlaki, Triphala, Brahmi, Henna, Jatamansi and a lot of traditional herbs with great array of medicinal properties for practically every aspect of hair growth and scalp health. All these herbs have a long lineage of being considered as almost infallible herbal ingredients of regular hair care for centuries, but remember these herbs can only be used and put into medication as per the particular medical requirement envisaged from case to case by the Ayurvedic specialists. So before considering any herb to be useful for your scalp or hair condition it is best advised to consult Ayurvedic therapists. Ayurvedic herbs are highly case sensitive and work with their medicinal properties in accordance to your physical characteristics and scalp condition. So when a herb can work wonder for someone it can actually worsen your hair condition. Let us see the varied medicinal effects of these herbs in brining hair growth.


Boiling the Bhringaraj leaves in sesame or coconut oil would make a great natural herbal oil to use on the scalp for rejuvenating your scalp and promoting hair growth. Bhringaraj is an essential herb of the tradition of Ayurveda for lustrous healthy hair, because this is equally beneficial for retaining the original black color of hair and this makes this herb an irreplaceable part of almost all cosmetic shampoos and dyeing solutions. Do not depend on the readymade consumer products advertising Bhringaraj on their level, rather use one from therapist's clinic or prepare the herb as directed above.


Amlaki is probably the most widely prescribed hair growth and hair nourishment solution and from ancient ages up to the present time it is the commonest herbal element to be present in any hair treatment across a vast part of the world. Though just within a flickering of an eye lid a dozen or more name of hair care products with the mention of Amlaki on their label is on your lip only a trusted source of specialized Ayurvedic facility you can rely on the pure hair care product using Amlaki as their main and base ingredient. Amlaki in many parts of the world, especially across the tropical countries is available in galore and you can make your own Amlaki solution at home. Just boil the Amlaki after making it into small pieces in either sesame or coconut oil until it becomes a fine mix. Now cool the solution to a relatively lower temperature that your scalp can bear. Now apply the paste with both hands throughout the scalp, in both bald portions and deep into the shafts of the hair. After massaging thoroughly for some time, let it remain for as long as an hour and then wash the hair with mild herbal shampoo.


Practically mentioning the ingredients in the tradition of Ayurveda for lustrous healthy hair the three wonder herbs Amlaki, Haritaki and Boyra jointly referred as Triphala is just invincible. These three herbs for ages have been essential ingredient of a vast majority of health problems associated with imbalance of a particular body humor or dosha called Vata Dosha which is responsible for almost all hair diseases, from premature baldness to graying of hair. Triphala can be used as a medication in numerous ways. Leaving Triphala in a glass of water for the night, one can drink the water in the morning or Triphala dust is also available in Ayurvedic shops to consume with water as a medicine. Triphala can also be used as a very beneficial hair massage by boiling the herbs in the sesame or coconut oil and then applying the solution on the scalp or deep within the hair. Triphala can work magic in bringing back hair with continuing the process for quite some time with medication as per advice of Ayurvedic physician.


In talking of Ayurveda for lustrous healthy hair the multiple benefits and role of this great natural herb from cleaning to preventing graying and dandruff to helping to stimulate growth have been time tested and had been subject of extensive medical use in hair care products for ages. Shikakai is one of the most common ingredients of any medicated herbal shampoo.


Reetha or as originally called in Ayurveda Aritha is another wonder herb with multiple benefits for the hair. Reetha cleans the hair from its root, clears dandruff and prevents dandruff and thereby excessive hair foliage and stimulates hair roots to activate growth. Ayurvedic medicated products and hair care for long has prescribed this time tested herb for obtaining result in patients suffering from severe hair loss or premature baldness.


Brahmi, the Indian wonder herb used and prescribed for ages for nervous problem, for activating memory and other brain as well as nerve function for better, for better psychic health, for removing stress or for better blood circulation is greatly beneficial as an too necessary ingredient for hair treatment or nourishment as well. As because Brahmi relieves tension and stress and relaxes the nerves and also helps better circulation in the brain and simultaneously in the scalp it works as an all round herb for hair treatment with multiple benefits. Relief from stress and blood circulation is the most important internal factor that you cannot achieve without Brahmi in the composition.


Neem for ages is considered the most powerful herb for purification. While the presence of neem in the herbal shampoo or oil can provide cleansing effect on the scalp regular consumption of raw neem leaves or extract in any form can guarantee detoxification and purification of your blood and other organic processes and in the long run it has been observed that consumption of neem can be very useful in strengthening hair roots.


Hibiscus is considered a great cooling agent for scalp. Medical observation has revealed number of times that cooling of the scalp is extremely important a condition for promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss or to make the hair treatment take effect on the scalp. This herb can provide a cooling effect on the scalp and in hair root necessary for good sleep, relief from stress and consequent regular and undisturbed blood circulation.


Rosemary stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth in relatively thin patches on the scalp. This herb is also widely recommended for soothing and conditioning the scalp.


Lavender long revered all over the world for its medicinal properties, especially for soothing aromatic effects on the nerves is also considered essential herb for hair care and hair treatment. Lavender is well known for balancing oil on the scalp and promoting hair growth. Lavender for ages is known as a great aromatic herb for inducing sleep and fighting insomnia and this effect in turn is hugely beneficial for hair treatment also.


Though this herbal element is actually seen as an intoxicating substance, surprisingly it has some hair growing qualities as well. Gunja used in hair oil composition can work marvelous for rejuvenation of morbid hair follicles.


This wonder herb has got many salient medicinal properties and including them is its calming effects on the nerves and brain which is essential for hair growth. Jatamansi used widely in hair growth tonics worldwide also used in external use on the scalp for rejuvenation of the hair roots.


Licorice can prove to have surprising effect faster than many herbal solutions when you are considering Ayurveda for lustrous healthy hair. Apart from the medicinal presence of this herb in number of Ayurvedic products the herb can be grounded and by adding to milk the paste can be administered on the thinning parts of your scalp.

Red Onion Juice:

Finally what used to be long considered merely a homemade solution within the domestic space is out in the market for the herbal product companies to multiply into business. Yes, finally the effect of onion juice in promoting hair growth in bald or thin patches of scalp has been admitted by the herbal companies and it is now a widely used herbal extract in hair care products. But we would rather prescribe you to use the onion juice directly on the scalp rather preparing the juice at home.

Radish Juice:

This is another regular vegetable from your kitchen that can work wonder on your scalp in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Just like onion soon big lords of herbal cosmetic manufacturers would jump the scene to include it in their least, in the mean time use this natural ingredient on your scalp as a sure and effective hair treatment without any hassle. Radish juice leaves a slight burning sensation on the hair root and scalp and that's what it is meant for penetrating deeper and rejuvenating the follicles.


Nagarmotha is used in extract in the Ayurvedic formulations for hair treatment. Nagarmotha extract stimulates deep in the hair roots and works on the sebaceous glands to promote new hair growth, a truly essential and herb in any hair regrowth treatment.


In a majority of hair loss or balding problem cases, balancing the Ph of the scalp is one of the most important factor for the treatment to show any signs of success. Secondly, dryness and dandruff is also in a vast majority of cases are the main hair problem that leads to premature baldness. Henna is the traditional Indian herb to answer both these vital hair issues and is an inseparable herb in any Ayurvedic hair treatment products.


For regular hair dyeing this natural herb for ages were used by people because of its natural qualities of strengthening hair shafts and promoting new hair growth. Either in herbal dyeing products or in medicated therapeutic use this herb is essential element for all types of hair treatment.


This herb can be used in holistic hair treatment in both ways, internally and externally. As the herb is primarily well known for its healing effects on the multiple layers of brain function and smoothening of nervous function, internally taken with Ayurvedic medicines, this can in turn positively alleviate negative psychic and nervous effects for hair growth. Secondly this herb as a nourishing herb for skin can work deep in the scalp to rejuvenate it.


In providing here a thorough herbal description of Ayurveda for lustrous healthy hair we cannot just miss this too well known herb of Indian cuisine. Methi is a rich source of number of elements for the thickening of hair and growth like trigonelline, lysine and steroidal saponins and fiber, all of which are essential for a lustrous healthy hair.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera though regarded as one of the most essential herbs for skin care and healing wounds is also a great herb for thickening hair.


Ratanjyot or as also known in the name of Jathropa is south American herb to come to other parts of the world by the Portuguese invaders centuries back. The oil produced from this herb is a great hair stimulant is a regular feature in countless Ayurvedic formulations for external use in hair treatment.


Jasmine or Chameli as it is known in Indian subcontinent is a great oil for relaxation of the nerves and scalp that is essential for hair follicles to be rejuvenated.

Khus Khus:

This ancient Indian herb grown in galore in warm plains all across the subcontinent is widely recommended as an essential herb for dry and rough scalp that paving the way for excessive hair loss. The non toxic, non irritant and non sensitizing oil extract of this great herb is beneficial for all types of wounds, dryness, cracking of skin or dry scalp, etc. and even can drive off the lice from the skin and scalp.


Recently this Latin American or mainly of Mexican origin has become very popular as a greatly beneficial ingredient for hair regrowth therapies. The oil extract of this herb can provide wonderful result in promoting fast hair growth on the thinner or bald patches in your head. The medicinal properties of Jojoba oil include moisturizing of hair follicles, protecting them and helping rejuvenation and blood circulation in the roots to promote better regrowth rate.


Though this ancient herb of Chinese origin still is not considered so hot as to be listed in the labels of herbal hair care products often, Ginseng apart from its wide array of medical benefits starting from treatment of high blood pressure to blood sugar to obesity to cancer treatment to sexual disorder, is also considered a great herb to promote hair regrowth and rejuvenation of follicles.

Burdock root:

This root herb is a great ingredient for restoration of hair and growth. Burdock root oil provides essential fatty acids to hair roots and is widely recommended as an anti thinning herb for enriching hair follicles.

You can say that we almost did not leave any herb with medicinal properties in our consideration of hair treatment or hair regrowth medication with herbs. But remember, in relation to our elaboration of Ayurveda for lustrous healthy hair these herbs can as well be producing frustrating experience if you expect magic in stopping hair loss and regrowth of hair on bald patches with these herbs. Ayurveda is condition specific and only can render benefit when applied in conformity with your medical condition as prescribed by the expert Ayurvedic therapists. Just in the same way every herb is not useful and beneficial in the same way to every person. According to your scalp condition and other bodily imbalances Ayurvedic treatment would suggest a treatment proper to your hair growth and relief from hair loss.